Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Little Sparrow blog! I’m so glad you decided to pop by.

In this first post, I’m just going to take some time to introduce myself, because who wants to follow some random person they know nothing about, right?

My name is Nicola, I own Little Sparrow and I’m addicted to travel. It’s my passion. I eat, sleep and breathe travel, from places I have been and seen to places that are on my bucket list – I make it my business to research and plan so that I can get the best out of every single trip.

I don’t know when the bug really hit me, but I do know that just before a three week American road trip in 2016 with my husband and parents, I realised that all the months of research I had done, all the notes and quotes I had obtained, were scattered all around the house in various notebooks (I also have a stationery obsession.)

This is where the idea for a travel planner hit me. Not just an empty journal, but a real, honest to goodness planner where I could have written everything down from the quotes I obtained in the planning stages to the details of the hotels and also recorded the memories of each and every day in a journal section.

My goal with Little Sparrow is to help others who are as passionate about their travel plans as I am with mine. Whether you are a frequent flyer or planning that dream holiday you have been saving years for, your trip deserves a special place to be recorded.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure because the plans for Little Sparrow are big. Huge in fact. And I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Until next time, dream big my fellow wanderlusters.



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