Every month brings a new adventure

Good morning/evening you lovely lot!

I promised exciting news last week and exciting news I have.

Little Sparrow is expanding and phase 2 is about to begin. Every month will bring a new adventure, a new theme on the blog and across all aspects of social media but most importantly, a new destination for you to learn about/drool over – I won’t judge the drool.

Follow your dreams

June will be the first month where we introduce you to our free brochure, a mini guide to each destination that we feature. We are thrilled with the outcome and hope you love it too! On the 2nd of every month, a new mini guide will hit your inbox along with the occasional bonus item.

I bet you’re wanting to know exactly where we’ll be throughout the month of June, right? Well, if you’ve been following our Instagram or Facebook page then you’ll have seen the odd hint towards the one and only SAN FRANCISCO ❤  San Francisco is a place very close to my heart so it felt right that the first mini guide should be there but fear not, we have many, many more wonderful destinations up our sleeves.

So, until Friday, I shall leave you with this stunning image……


Nicola xoxo

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