Let’s go to San Francisco

Hello there you lovely lot!

Thank you for popping on over to my little blog. Chances are you’re here to check out the freebie of the month, the mini guide to San Francisco, which you can check out below our top five tips. Do have a quick read through, especially if you already have a trip booked and are heading out there soon.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this recent post where I explained the new adventures of Little Sparrow and what’s going to be happening each and every month.

to a happy new year!

TIP 1 – Pack at least one pair of comfortable shoes

This may sound like an obvious statement but a lot of people assume that because you’re young/fit/healthy that the odd hill or two won’t be a problem. Well, my good friends, this is San Francisco, therefore saying there is just the ‘odd hill’ is like saying Mount Kilimanjaro just has a bit of a slope to it. You will walk the hills with your booty sticking out and there’s not a single thing you can do about it. And do not underestimate the distances between neighbourhoods. It may be more compact than LA but this little gem can be deceiving. Just be prepared.

TIP 2 – Take a warm sweater/jacket

Yes, this is California, land of eternal sunshine, but San Francisco isn’t like LA or San Diego. San Francisco can get coooooolllllld, especially on an evening so take something to keep yourself from being a big ball of tension. And if you intend to cross the Golden Gate Bridge outside of a car, wrap up warm! Once you enter the fog you will feel a cold like no other so if you’re taking the motorised cable car tour across the bridge (which I highly recommend), grab whatever blankets are on offer. You’ll thank me later.

TIP 3 – Visit Sausalito 

Hop on the ferry across from San Francisco and take in the wonderful little waterfront community of Sausalito. The views across the bay on a clear day are stunning and I for one had some of the best seafood with the best views of the trip while in Sausalito.

TIP 4 – Take advantage of public transport where you can

It may sound like a cliche but jump on a cable car and experience the giddiness of hanging off of the side. Hop on a bus, hail a taxi, do whatever you have to do to avoid public parking in San Francisco. It’s either expensive or stressful (although Golden Gate Park has free parking in abundance).


Just don’t. At least not to anyone’s face anyway 😉

San Francisco is a city very close to my heart which is why it was picked to be our first feature. It’s a city unlike any other and I hope this taster is enough to encourage you to book that trip you keep dreaming about.

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Happy reading,

Nicola xoxo

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