Guest Post: Top Holiday Reads for Summer 2017 by Rebecca Pugh

I am thrilled to have the wonderful author and blogger, Rebecca Pugh, on the blog today telling us what her top summer reads are for 2017! I know that my holiday reading list has just grown somewhat after reading her recommendations.

Over to you Becca…….

Becca's Top Reads for Summer 2017 (2)

1. The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

The Honeymoon

There’s something intoxicating about combining a gripping mystery/thriller with a Maldivian setting, and Seskis does exactly that in her June 2017 release, The Honeymoon. I was obsessed with this novel, and the further I was drawn into it, I became even more so. Readers are introduced to Jemma and her husband as they arrive to spend a luxurious two-weeks on the Maldivian island for their honeymoon, but when Jemma wakes up to find her husband missing, circumstances begin to spiral out of control and she’s left trying to desperately remember the events that led up to the moment he disappeared. Suspicions increase the longer Jemma’s husband doesn’t turn up, which makes for a fast-paced, hanging-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller with a shocking truth at its core. This is a MUST-READ in my opinion, and I am jealous of anyone who gets to read this for the first time.

You can purchase your copy here on Amazon UK or Amazon US

2. Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer by Sue Watson

Ice Cream Summer

Pack your bags and head to Devon with the fabulous Sue Watson, as Ella goes on the trip of a lifetime! It’s no secret that Sue’s books are the ultimate sunshiney escape, and can lift the spirits of anyone on the dullest of days. That is definitely the case in this story, as readers meet Ella and join her as she heads to the seaside town of Appledore, to recapture the magic of the summers she once spent there so long ago. This is a sugary-sweet delight from Watson, one which has the taste buds tingling and the stomach yearning! There’s romance, secrets and family drama aplenty in this one, making it the perfect poolside read beneath the summer sun. 

You can purchase your copy here on Amazon UK or Amazon US

3. Where the Wild Cherries Grow by Laura Madeleine

Wild Cherries

Oh, what a joy it was to become lost in the story which unravelled in the most recent release from Laura Madeleine, Where the Wild Cherries Grow. I could have remained wrapped up within it for days upon days, let me tell you. It follows the journey of Emeline Vane in 1919, as she escapes from the grief that constantly surrounds her. Emeline winds up in a place that she’s never heard of, amid people she’s never met before, but she quickly takes to their way of life and soon finds herself fitting right in. Fast forward to the present day, and solicitor Bill Perch is determined to follow Emeline’s footsteps to find out the truth behind her disappearance all those years before. This was a delicious tale, and satisfying in every which way. From the glorious settings to the wonderful characters, I utterly adored it and cannot recommend it highly enough. It will surely win your heart over, as it did mine. 

You can purchase your copy here on Amazon UK or Amazon US

4. Because I Was Lonely by Hayley Mitchell

Because I was lonely

Okay, so perhaps not your typical summer reading pick, because there are no ice-creams or tropical destinations in this one, but trust me when I say that it will have you gripped from first page to last. Because I Was Lonely follows two characters, Rachel and Adam, who share a few similarities in life. One of those being that both are lonely. Through the powers of social media, Adam and Rachel connect and from there, a dark and dangerous web begins to form, holding them both hostage to their obsession. As the messaging begins to take over both of their lives, Rachel and Adam are forced to make a decision. Will it go any further than the internet? And if so, how will they deal with the consequences? I couldn’t get enough of this story, and found it to slot perfectly into today’s social-media driven world. I became completely wrapped up in the world Mitchell created, and once finished, found myself reeling from the turn of events that followed. A top, top thriller that makes you lose all track of time while reading.

You can purchase your copy here on Amazon UK or Amazon US

5. Annie’s Lovely Choir by the Sea by Liz Eeles

Lovely Choir

Another cheerful jaunt beside the sea is delivered by Bookouture author Liz Eeles, in her delightful novel, Annie’s Lovely Choir by the Sea. I fell head over heels in love with this one, and couldn’t get enough of Salt Bay, the town the author created for this novel to take place in. With Eeles’s vivid descriptions and fantastic characters, plus the themes of community spirit, family and romance, I adored everything about this story and wanted to step right into the page to make it last forever. It lifted my spirits and made me laugh, and put a happy grin right onto my face. This is perfect summer reading material and would make the best sunshine companion for those long, balmy evenings ahead.

You can purchase your copy here on Amazon UK or Amazon US

Don’t Becca’s recommendations all sound fab?

You can keep up to date with Becca’s and her latest releases over on her blog or Twitter

Her latest release, Right Here Waiting for You is available now on Amazon UK and Amazon US


Let me know what your top reads are in the comment section below.

Nicola xoxo

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