Park MGM – My Review

After a long ass flight and what felt like the longest day in history, we hopped into a taxi outside McCarran Airport and hightailed it to the Strip. Specifically, Park MGM – formerly Monte Carlo – for our one-night stay before we began our road trip to LA the next morning.

I’d just like to say we had been emailed in advance by BA to say that work was going on in the hotel, so we were prepared for it not looking its finest but that was fine, for the sake of one night we knew it wouldn’t be that bad.

What was weird for us was that on our very first trip to Vegas way back in 2009 with my parents, this was the hotel we had stayed in and we really liked it. At the time, we didn’t think it had much in the way of facilities compared to the likes of Caesars Palace, but it was a lovely hotel. Our rooms were large and clean so we were more than happy.


Fast forward eight years.

On walking through the hotel lobby doors, we couldn’t help but smile. Part of it felt so familiar to us but with more of a shine to it that all the newness brings to a hotel undergoing refurb. What threw us for a loop however, was check-in. There is what looks to be a small (very small) bank of desks you can go to if you need help but otherwise, it seems that they’d rather you head to the collection of self-check-in machines situated just before the bank of desks. So, because I generally don’t like things like this and would much rather speak to a person, I huffed and puffed and we started to push buttons, keying in all of our information, scanning our passports etc. At this point, the exhaustion was really starting to kick in. It was after 8pm and I just wanted a bed but, shocker, the computer threw a mini fit and said we hadn’t paid for the room and would we authorise the card for the entire stay. Hell no.

Park MGM Lobby
lobby image courtesy of


Dragging our grumpy selves and heavy cases to the bank of desks, we waited for someone to appear and went through what had happened. Some miscommunication later, she apologised and said it keeps happening but ‘it’s a mistake, we’re still working on it’. All was well and we were handed our room key.

We trundled up to our room and as we opened the door, I scurried to the window to see what view we had. We overlooked The Park and the celebrations that were underway for the Knights and what I’m assuming was their first game of the season? I’m not sure but it was fun to see the atmosphere.

We were in what I assumed to be one of the newer rooms which is all very neutral with dark olive greens. I think I get what they’re going for, a kind of modern nature vibe, but some of the furniture and carpet just seemed dated and a bit…..knackered.  I didn’t understand the placing of the television either but to be fair, we were only there one night and wouldn’t have the television on so it didn’t matter either way where it was, it just seemed like an unusual layout.

Park MGM Vegas Room View

The bathroom was wonderful. Airy with a white tiled floor, pale taupe walls and white crisp sink with the kind of lighting that really wakes you up and shows your face for what it really is after a twenty-six-hour day. Seriously though, it was probably my favourite part of our room.

The hotel itself, although undergoing major refurb, doesn’t feel like it has a negative impact on the major areas in my opinion. The lobby area only seems to be affected by noise mostly, at the far end towards the escalators to the car park and the concierge and Avis desks. There is a restaurant, Primrose, in that area however, so I’m not sure whether you’d be able to hear the noise whilst eating in there.

The casino is unaffected. As you step out of the bank of lifts from the rooms, you walk through a small area, past a very spacious Starbucks (major brownie points, however, it does close and doesn’t open until 6am – just an FYI if you wake up early with jetlag and want a 5am coffee) and then you’re into the casino. As you walk through the casino, headed in the direction of the Strip, this is probably the biggest negative impact the building work is having.

Park MGM Vegas Starbucks

Instead of the beautiful entrance that the Monte Carlo used to have, leading onto the Strip, you now have to veer left through what is effectively a concrete passageway now, and out of a side entrance to the hotel. Is it something that is a major inconvenience? No. But it does take away a bit of the shine when you leave the hotel. In Vegas however, there is always some form of building work going on I guess. When all the work is done I believe the front space will be filled with eateries so when it all comes together this Autumn I’d be interested to see what it’s like.

There is also something happening down by Linq at the moment which I believe is going to be a zipwire but I’m not 100% certain.

I’m sure when the hotel is completed that everything will all come together and make sense but as of May 2018, it still had quite a way to go.

Park MGM Vegas Note

Our one night stay was comfortable and as long as you’re prepared for the workmen and disruption in the lobby area/former entrance area, then your stay should be perfectly fine.

Check-out, as expected, similarly to check-in, didn’t run smoothly either. Honestly, MGM need to sort their self-check machines out pronto and maybe consider waiving the resort fees until the hotel is restored to Strip-worthy glory.

Would we stay again? Probably not, but the location is central and if it’s your first time in Vegas and you’re looking for a reasonably priced central Strip hotel then check out the Park MGM and see what deals they have.

Nicola xoxo

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