New York, New York, so good they named it twice?

Well. It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged hasn’t it? With our upcoming trip to New York rapidly approaching, I thought now was the perfect time to pick up my laptop and start blogging again.

We booked our trip last June and in all honesty, since Christmas, it’s come at us like a freight train. I’m officially in panic mode. I’m watching YouTube like my life depends on it and you don’t even want to see the chaotic list I have. Every time I look at it, it makes my brain itch.

I didn’t come back to bore you all with my first world trip problems though, I came back because I’ve really missed writing. I missed sharing my adventures and tips, my plans and thoughts. I know how much I value blogs and vlogs when preparing for a trip so if I can help even one person with my experiences then it makes it all worth it.

If any of you have followed me since my first post (for which you deserve a massive thanks for putting up with my sporadic posting) then you’ll know how much I value things like photographs and videos, I obsess over having physical memories from my trips and last week I dug out my external hard drive with all my old GoPro footage on from as far back as 3 years ago and it made me feel quite emotional. I’d forgotten so much from the trips that I’d captured on film! So it got me thinking and I decided to make an effort to vlog our New York trip. Armed with my recently purchased G7X Mark II (thanks to my amazing husband!) I intend to document our adventures for our forever memories. Whether or not it makes it onto YouTube I don’t know, but you never know, I may dip my toes into that world.

architecture art clouds landmark
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We have so many plans for our week in New York including all of the obvious tourist hotspots like Top of The Rock, skating in Central Park, MOMA, etc. together with copious amounts of pizza, coffee and cookies, but I’d love to know whether you guys have any recommendations for us? Leave me a comment if you know of the best bagel joint in NYC, where we should avoid or have any recommendations for a special meal. We’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary while we’re there so we were thinking of trying Balthazar’s (my inner SATC fan cannot contain herself).

My New York to-do list is currently glaring at me just begging to be tidied up so I’m going to sign off with a massive thank you if you got this far.

Speak soon,




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