Where I’ve Been – It’s Exciting!

Hi everyone! And a very happy Wednesday to you all.

I know this isn’t my ‘usual’ day for posting but I didn’t want to wait until Sunday again to post because I’m conscious that I’ve been a bit MIA now for a few weeks.

The good news is I’ve been planning the launch of my Travel Planner and Journal business! I’m a very proud little pumpkin and have worked bloody hard, quite frankly, on building the website all by myself.

Cheers to nailing web design!

I know what you must be thinking; you’re launching a travel themed business in the middle of a pandemic, are you nuts? Well, yes and no. In my defence it was due to launch in March but even I’m not that sadistic. So now that things are SLOWLY starting to move again, and many people are passing on leaving the UK or your home country in general in 2020, I thought we should just go for it, yes?

2021 is looking to be quite the year as far as travel is concerned and I, for one, am thrilled about it. It really needs our help guys, and if you feel confident enough to do so next year, travel, won’t you? I know I’m preaching to the choir here because you obviously love travel if you’re reading my ramblings 😉 but the hit that the travel industry has taken is wild and we all love a good holiday don’t we?

SO, onto Love, Luna. That’s the name of my new business! Why Luna? Well, you know I like to chatter a lot about road trips and Luna is/was a Roman Goddess representing the moon but in addition had the unique quality of being a protectress of charioteers. In modern times could translate to cars and our idea was borne out of our 2016 road trip so it all just made sense!

Love, Luna is, in a nutshell, a place for you to buy your travel planner to cater for your every travel planning need. We have three categories; Honeymoon, Wanderlust (e.g. road trip adventures) and Theme Park (for all my fellow Disney lovers out there!). Each planner has sections for budget, notes and quotes, accommodation and flight details, itineraries, journals, special memories, and so much more! So if you’re looking to the future and planning for an adventure in 2021 or onwards, please pop over won’t you and check out our lovely planners. We even have a sale section right now as we have some new designs coming in!

I’d also love it if you came and said hi over on Instagram, there will be some giveaways coming up pretty soon and you do not want to miss them!

You can find me over at @lovelunagb where I try to post daily and pop into stories for a chat once or twice a week.

Speak to you soon when I have more travel ramblings! I think next up will be honeymoons and Italy but you know what I’m like, it could be something completely different at the last minute!

Nicola xx

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