A mini conundrum

Hi guys and gals!

The last few months have been pretty busy, with trying to build up a new business that got hit by the C truck in March 2020. Note to self, sometimes, the media have things worth listening to and launching a business that relies on adventure right before a pandemic hits is not big and is not clever.

So now things are very slowly, but surely, opening up here in the UK (England has its first major lifting today with non-essential retail and hospitality (with restrictions) being able to reopen) I’ve been really putting my heart and soul into Love, Luna (my small business).

However, now I’m left with a bit of a conundrum because I really want to be in control of my own brand and have my own platform rather than JUST my Etsy store and Instagram account. I want to build a community and be able to chat via email too, and I feel like I have that here on Girl Meets Passport; you’ve been with me, quite literally, years! Is it completely bonkers to want to integrate my blog and business into one WordPress site? Would this even work?

Girl Meets Passport is my travel blog. My ramblings. My life.

Love, Luna houses my digital and physical travel planners, my graphic design, and it’s my business baby.

Could the two coexist some way here on WordPress? In one happy little place? It would mean the domain name would change to loveluna.co.uk from girlmeetspassportuk.wordpress.com (bit of a mouthful isn’t it when you write it down).

So my friends, this is my current conundrum. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated because I’m genuinely torn and confused. I am still a newbie after all.

Sending love and good vibes out to everyone in the world right now. We all need it šŸ™‚


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