My Top 5 Travel Tips I Swear By That Work!

Over the years I’ve seen my fair share of ‘tips’ on how to save money on your trip, or how to travel light, but I’ve often found myself thinking, but, I do that anyway. You’re not telling me anything new.

Now this may be the case for some of you reading my tips here, but I like to think I have some new angles and insights here.

So, let’s get into it!


Our 2018 beauty for our Vegas to LA (and back again) trip

If you’re going to be hiring a car for your trip, look into their loyalty scheme. This may make you groan and roll your eyes but Avis for example, let you basically queue jump AND in some places, it’s a self-serve situation (ideal in current times!) They also have additional ‘rewards’ at times where they give you vouchers for money off your next hire, or free weekends after so many rentals. Avis tend to be who we use because we mostly travel British Airways but whoever you use, just take a deeper dive into their website.


Photo by Taryn Elliott on

If you’re on a road trip FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE have some kind of loose itinerary. And don’t come at me with the argument you just want freedom and to go with the flow because I accept that and wholeheartedly agree…..but chances are you have to be home within a certain period of time OR have to be at the finish point in time to catch a flight home. Do you really want to be that person who has to drive a solid 10 hours in one day because they didn’t plan the mileage properly and now have the added stress of a long ass journey. Not an ideal end to that dream trip is it?


Carrera Cafe – Melrose – Los Angeles

Utilise Pinterest (as well as Google). Thanks to Pinterest I’ve visited some really cute cafes and seen the real side of the Instagram photograph hotspots (behind the camera). It’s been enough to make me revaluate whether I genuinely want to visit a place because it will bring me joy, or whether it’s for the purposes of an Instagram pic (don’t judge, most of us have been there!)


Go digital. Now this is a bit controversial but stay with me. In the past I’ve taken books, notepads and paperwork away with me, all adding to the weight of either my suitcase or my handluggage, or both. The number of times my shoulder has felt like it’s going to give way because I have that much crammed into my oversized handbag makes me wince. Now, however, I’ll be carrying my iPad and that’s it. On my iPad I have my Kindle, I have my digital travel planner, digital notebook AND all of the apps from our bookings. Some hotels will undoubtedly still require paper printouts/vouchers but I think going forward, that will likely become less of a thing now. 


Our too late find!

Travelling with someone who has specific dietary requirements? Not necessarily allergies but maybe they don’t eat much meat, or need dairy free milk as a minimum (raises hand). Research the restaurant situation before you book! I say before you book because this could have an impact on the hotel you book; a breakfast only vs all inclusive for example. We went to Fuerteventura a few years ago and booked half board but agreed that because it was in the main hub of that part of the island and there were plenty of places to eat, we weren’t too fussed on the hotel food for the evening. Big mistake. The hotel was lovely, but their evening buffet was lacking, the bar was in the cellar with no window and the places to eat we’d banked on? Not so great reviews. Few offered even a vegetarian option and all were heavy on the beige. So for that week, I lived off of Spanish omelettes (breakfast AND dinner), chips and the odd slice of pizza. I still can’t look at a Spanish omelette. We managed to find one gem that you had to book in advance towards the end of our stay but in hindsight, we’d have paid more and upgraded our hotel to something fancier resulting in a more relaxing stay and a variety of food for me. 

So here are the five things I live by when planning a trip. My must dos.

What are yours? Let me know in the comments because I’m always happy to hear things that can make my travel life easier!

Speak soon!

Nicola xoxo

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