A Little Personal Note From Me

Happy Wednesday guys!

For some time now I’ve ummed and ahhed over my blog. I miss it so much when I don’t write, but obviously the last year has been difficult in so many ways for us all, and even though I set out with the best intentions wanting to keep the dreaming and wanderlusting alive to help create some form of distraction for us all, it didn’t always feel right. Travel is what I love. It’s my passion. Planning a trip is what lights me up but all of that came to a grinding halt and I felt a bit lost, in all honesty.

But over the last few weeks I’ve had this nagging feeling in my gut. I want to continue to provide inspirational content for you, and I also want to show up more myself. So last weekend, I made a decision.

Sunday’s will be days where I upload my travel themed posts; be that road trip chatter or itineraries. Hotel reviews or advice. BUT I’m going to start posting on a Wednesday too with more personal posts where I get to talk to you and let you in on the adventures with my life in general, my business updates, my (randomly) new love for gardening 😂. You get the idea.

In short, I’m going to be more present with both travel and lifestyle and I think this expansion into lifestyle will allow for this.

What do you think? I of course understand if some of you are completely disinterested in my lifestyle ramblings 😂 but I hope it will allow us to get to know each other better too. I am so excited for this adventure on a more personal note and selfishly can’t wait to look back on it in 12 months to see how far I’ve come (and hopefully how far the world has come too!)

With that being said, I will sign off here and speak to you on Sunday for travel musings.

Nic xxx

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