And Suddenly I Garden….

It all started one sunny day in April…, really, that’s how quick it started.

With the restrictions here in the UK, specifically England where I live, loosening on 12 April allowing 6 people to mix outdoors either in a private garden or pub garden etc, it really made me and the hubby think about shifting our arses where the garden was concerned. We had REALLY let it go over the last year, from late summer onwards it became a place we didn’t bother with much. Restrictions had eased (though I was still shielding) and we just didn’t bother with it.

Now however, we just want to create a relaxing and social space for us to have family or friends around and for me, it’s pretty much going to be the only place I venture Monday to Friday for air because I’m still working from home for now. My husband suggested raised beds in the area where we had artificial grass that kept getting destroyed by the neighbourhood cats and it just escalated from there.

So yes, dear friends, on 24 April we took a random trip to a garden centre I used to visit with my grandparents as a child, and still LOVE to visit at Christmas, and something just sparked inside me. I wanted to start gardening. I wanted to have a mini greenhouse and grow a few bits of veg. I wanted to have a space to go to zone out and just ‘be’, ya know?

I spent a solid week researching garden space ideas, how to grow veg, mini greenhouses, whether I could see myself making that commitment, and I could. I desperately wanted to try this new hobby. And now, now I have a…..I want to call it a grow box (please correct me in the comments, I’m still VERY new to it) with peppers and tomatoes growing away. I have a large pot for some second early potatoes and plans for our raised beds! As I type today, I’m genuinely afraid for my poor little plants because we’re getting hammered by rain but I’m going to go check them at lunch. This new adventure could end very quickly for these poor guys.

There will be a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes and a lot of frustration I’m sure along the way, but I’m looking forward to seeing how our veggies grow in the hope that I can learn enough to be able to plant and harvest more next year.

Wish me luck and seriously, any hints or tips or guides would be very much appreciated. It’s actually a bit more overwhelming than I anticipated haha

Much love

Nic xxx

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