New Beginnings

Well friends, I don’t know where to start with this post to be honest but here we go.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have Crohn’s Disease and quite frankly she’s a b**ch (I like to think of it as a person, fuels the fire haha). And around 5 weeks ago I got a call to say she was back. My bloods and how I felt overall were all signs of a flare. So one CT scan later I’ve had the news that I’ve dread for a while now, things are more serious and its either surgery or I need to up the meds. Go big or go home. I chose meds. It does mean however, that the next few months of my life will consist of frequent hospital visits where I’m hooked up to an IV for 2-4 hours and we pray it works.

I got this particular news on Thursday 20 May and that afternoon handed my notice in at my 9-5. I know, seems a bit dramatic, right? But the truth is it’s all just a bit ‘much’ now and I need a time out. I had a pretty bad flare at the end of 2019, then in 2020….well we all know how that went, and now another flare sandwiched at the other side. I NEED to just focus on myself and my health now and this means that once I’m into the swing of this new way of life, I can go all in on self-employment. I’m seeing that as a silver lining. Also, my final day at the 9-5 is 18 June, which just happens to be my birthday weekend!

I’m definitely a person that tries to see the best in every situation, so I’m choosing to see this as a chance for a fresh start. I’m lucky enough to have a husband that is 100% behind me and the most supportive family ever.

So this post is a short one but it’s an update to let you know that if there’s ever a week where something doesn’t go live on here or Instagram, it’s because things are a bit aaaargh. And who knows, Wednesdays may become a small business journey day until I get my little wings back and jet off somewhere magical.

Speak soon you lovely lot.

Nicola xox

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